7 advanced technologies that make games more fun

7 advanced technologies that make games more fun

7 Teknologi Canggih yang Bikin Bermain Game Jadi Lebih Menyenangkan

To get here, video game technology is getting more advanced, which makes the gaming experience even more enjoyable. In the past, in the 90s, a video game was only based on 2D graphics which was simple, now everything has changed and there are even games that already support 4D technology.

This should come as no surprise as there are technologies that can make video games more realistic. Even now, it seems that there are certain standards for a game to sell well in the market, starting with realistic graphics, real sound effects, etc.

In addition, there are also various technologies that make video games more fun because they provide a different experience than normal. Even some of these technologies can make you feel directly and involved in the game. As cited by Top Tenz, here are 7 advanced technologies that make games more fun.

7 advanced technologies that make the game more fun

1. Virtual reality

Virtual reality systems have been around since the 1980s, but back then the graphics weren’t good enough to not capture a lot of the world’s attention. However, in recent years, virtual real estate theology has become popular again, especially in the gaming world, one of the most popular virtual real estate tech headsets is the Oculus Rift. This virtual reality headset has two OLED screens which are supposed to produce very clear images which provide a different experience. Besides the Oculus Rift, there are now more and more virtual reality headsets released by various manufacturers, even the price can be considered affordable depending on the group and the features that are built into it.

2. Photorealism

Over time, video game graphics become more realistic and should improve in the years to come. Even as the computer graphics giant, nVidia, is developing a project to create a gadget called Photorealism, this technology will spoil the Games because thanks to this technology you will live the experience of playing games with realistic graphics. . So, as if you had the feeling that you were immediately present at the Games.

3. VirtuSphare

VitruSphere is a gadget in the form of a 3 meter high rotating ball that looks like a giant hamster ball. The person in the ball can run and jump, and it is in this ball that you can play some games and move as you like. So, this gadget makes you feel the thrill of playing games and feeling everything happening in the game world with the real world. Right now, VirtuSphere is being used to train students in military academies, but if you want you can buy it for around $ 100,000, right?

4. Augmented reality

Augmented real estate is one of the different technologies that will make the gaming experience even more fun than anyone can possibly have. Only with a camera on a tablet or smartphone, you can experience more realistic gameplay that can convert 2D images or objects to 3D. A real example of augmented reality is Google Glasses, which is full of so many unique resistors, but unfortunately Google’s gagdet has to be scrapped for several reasons. Yet now there are many gadgets that support this technology, in addition to smartphones there are also augmented reality headsets.

5. Hologram

In 1991, Sega released their first holographic game called Time Traveler. This arcade style game uses images of actors wrapped on a green screen, the hologram effect is an optical illusion using a large curved mirror and a CRT TV. Now comes a Hologram tech gadget called zSpace that lets you touch and explore various things in the game in 3D.

6. Games fueled by the brain

A company called NeuroSky makes a headset that controls gaming using electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, technologies that read brain waves. With this technology, NeuroSky created a game called “Throw Trucks With Your Mind!”

In this game, you can have super powers so that you can launch the truck with brain controls only and without touching it at all. In the future, technology like this will be used in video games, so gamers will want to control the game with brain commands.

7. Microsof RoomAlive

Before you start using Microsoft RoomAlive, you need to provide several additional tools such as Kinect, a room, and a projector that will be placed on the back wall of the TV. It can widen your field of vision so that the whole room becomes a play arena to explore. RoomAlive is currently in development and it’s unclear when the technology will be available to consumers.

The last word

These are 7 advanced technologies that make games even more fun. In fact, these different technologies are expected to be used more and more in the future and become a must have feature for professional gamers.