Useful tips for more gold in Oldschool Runescape

A gold coin with a horse on it

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If you play Oldschool Runescape regularly, you know of course that gold is very important. It is also called osrs gold and everyone who plays the game has to deal with it. You can collect gold in hundreds of different ways and do nice things with it. Gold is very important for the progression of your account, you can use it to buy gear and train your skills. The training of skills is very important so that you can kill certain quests and bosses. Buying gear is also crucial for killing monsters and bosses. This means that you always need gold, and collecting gold is sometimes quite complicated. You get the most gold from killing bosses and raiding, but you can’t do it with a low level account. In addition, you can’t do it with a high level account without gear. 

If you don’t have gold to buy gear and …